2018 In Review

It’s not quite December, but the baby is napping and I’m in the middle of French seaming an entire dress made with really slippery fabric, so it seemed that now was as good a time as any to do a 2018 roundup.  I saw this on another blog and I really wanted to do a look back to see what I accomplished, how much I spent,  what I’d do different, and where I see myself going with my sewing in 2019.

I finished 19 projects this year! Holy crap. This includes 9 dresses (3 maternity), my first quilt, and the “coming home” outfit for my new baby. It also includes two pretty much unwearable items (at least for me), which of course could have been avoided if I had just broken down and made a muslin. I made 3 Closet Case Patterns Kalle shirts, easily making this my most sewn pattern ever (and I still haven’t made the dress version). And I finally made some really useful items that I can use in every day life—pajamas and a robe.

I didn’t really calculate it until now, but I spent a lot on fabric this year. I learned quilting is FREAKING EXPENSIVE!  That quilt alone was almost $100 all told. On garment sewing, I spent $520. Wow. That’s not even including new patterns, which came in at another $102. I didn’t track accessories, and wasn’t super diligent in tracking notions, etc. I do think that this money counts as wardrobe AND entertainment though, as this hobby brings me a ton of joy and satisfaction.

As far as what I’d do differently—muslin. A lot of times I just went guns blazing into my nice fabric and ended up with a couple of projects that I donated because I just couldn’t make them work for me. Also, I’d go from beginning to end on one project before starting another—I have two projects that I’m in the middle of and I’m dragging my feet with both of them now, and it’s driving me nuts. I feel like this takes the fun out of sewing for me, when I feel like I HAVE to do something—not that I WANT to get to my machine and finish a project.


I have lots of goals for 2019. Number one- really plan my projects. Make sure everything (well, almost everything) I sew this coming year is something that I can wear all the time.  I have already planned out a “Make Nine” (well, ten) and all are separates—this is much more true to what I wear on a daily basis, especially now that I’m breastfeeding. This also means working hard on pairing patterns and fabrics—this is so tough for me, as my eyes are drawn to fabric and I feel like the pattern really comes second. Maybe try to reverse that process?

Number two- Try my hand at trickier fabrics and garments.  I picked up a couple of silks on Black Friday, and I also really want to sew a leather jacket. I did purchase the Ginger jeans pattern—finally—and my goal will be to sew up at least one pair.

Number three- really take time to perfect some basic patterns.  I want to work out the kinks with the DD Hoya, perfectly fit the Grainline Hadley, and make a bunch of variations of the simple cami from Aime Comme Marie. The same with the jeans—if I can figure those out, I’ll really feel like I can do anything. AND MAKE SOME DAMN MUSLINS! I have muslin in my fabric stash, what the hell did I even buy it for?!


Anyway. 2018 was a great year for me, sewing and otherwise. Am looking forward to see what 2019 brings 🙂

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