Style Arc Giselle– Take Two

I first sewed the Style Arc Giselle dress back in January of this year– unfortunately, it was HUGE and I A) didn’t make a muslin, B) wasted beautiful fabric. However, I loved the dress and was willing to print and tape together 54 pages of PDF pattern to try again.  This time, I bought another […]

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Kalle Shirt, x2

I have a three week old baby, which means that my schedule is totally twisted and my brain is fried. I can’t think of anything clever to lead off this post, so let’s just get right into the project write-ups! Kalle Shirt #1: Cropped version Pattern: Closet Case Files Kalle Shirt/Dress, view A Fabric: Red […]

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Practical sewing: Bathrobe!

When I first got back into sewing (and really, up until like 3 weeks ago), I pretty much just bought whatever pretty fabric caught my eye, paired it with a random dress pattern that I loved on Instagram, and called it a day.  I didn’t really make any plans as to how these things would […]

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Knit Wrap Dress: V8896

I had been eyeing this fabric at Joann for some time, and initially thought of  M6886.  I’m glad that I decided against horizontal stripes tight across my thighs and ass, and went with this Vogue wrap dress instead. The dress is suitable for maternity and non-maternity use, which is even better! Pattern: Vogue 8896, view A […]

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Maternity Sewing: Tee Dress M6886

I know two things about ready-to-wear maternity: 1) it’s ugly and 2) it’s expensive.  I just didn’t see myself investing any kind of cash into hideous clothes that I’m only going to wear for 4-5 months (because honestly this belly started out more as a FUPA and I just made do with my regular pants […]

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