McCall’s 7740

Big 4 patterns rock! This one is no exception. Sadly, a deadly combination of brocade fabric and a deep squat blasted the booty seam to kingdom come and this dress is no more. But it was awesome while it lasted! Will definitely be making more. Pattern: McCall’s 7740, view B Fabric: Aztec brocade (2 yards, Joann) Sizing […]

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Maternity Sewing: Tee Dress M6886

I know two things about ready-to-wear maternity: 1) it’s ugly and 2) it’s expensive.  I just didn’t see myself investing any kind of cash into hideous clothes that I’m only going to wear for 4-5 months (because honestly this belly started out more as a FUPA and I just made do with my regular pants […]

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Bomber Jacket: M7637

I know bomber jackets are everywhere these days, but honestly I couldn’t justify buying one when it’s still 85F here the week before Thanksgiving. However, when my brother got me a Mood Fabrics  gift card for my birthday, and I saw this amazing inspiration on Ayesha Curry’s Instagram– it was the perfect storm. Pattern: McCall’s 7637, […]

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